Vintage Luxury Non Slip Columbus Boots

Maken- Vintage Handmade Luxury Support and Comfy Non Slip Columbus Boots - MAKENSHOP 6 / black

Vintage Luxury Non Slip Columbus Boots

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With a genuine leather material used on both the outside and inside of the shoe, you can rest assured this is one pair of shoes designed to last.

This vintage Boot is Made with high quality performance leather. Superbly crafted, this boot is constructed to maximize comfort, style, and durability.

Classically styled with attractive leather, these new and improved orthopedic Shoes are perfect for the active days! Plus, extra cushioning makes them super comfortable.

Reliable Traction: From rain to ice and even snow, with a secure and comfortable fit, these shoes will provide a traction that helps to eliminate the risk of slips and falls.

You’ll never have to worry about slipping around in the shoe or feeling unstable