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BioloMix 700g Grinding Machine

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The new swing speed pulverizer adopts high speed single phase motor as power. It can quickly crush all kinds of soft and hard materials.

General medicine only in  half a minute can be crushed into 50-350 mesh, it crushes into 350 objective fineness only a minute.

The pearl is crushed into flour only two minutes, both the uniform and non loss.

The modern medicine is real (Pharmacy) indispensable tool instead of traditional medicine medicine, mortar, working efficiency is 50 times than that of manual medicine, by the user's favor and praise! Applicable to the clinic, hospital pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine processing of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine shop grinding, health care products sales counter Valet processing, Research Institute, laboratory analysis and household food (rice, beans, red dates, sesame etc.), spices (pepper, pepper) grinding, more adapted to pseudo ginseng, pearl and other processing they carry, also suitable for chemical industry and feed industry!

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