Adjustable Folding Wrench

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Adjustable Folding Wrench

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Unique design-The flexible ratchet wrench has a unique ratchet fastening method, which can tighten the screws continuously. The ratchet function can be turned off by a switch.

Flexible-The universal adjustable wrench can rotate the head to 180° to access hard-to-reach fasteners.

High-quality materials-the product is made of high-strength wrought chromium-molybdenum steel, which is strong and durable.

Adjustable Ratcheting Design: The flexible ratcheting wrench features a particular ratcheting design so you can tighten the screws continuously. The open end allows for easier access on tough to reach spots, it‘s a great addition to any mechanic tools collection. 
Best unique tool gift for the DIY handyman, father/dad, husband, boyfriend, men, women.