Bryte™ Smart LED Bluetooth Light

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Bryte™ Smart LED Bluetooth Light

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"I did not have ceiling lights, got these, and WOW..not your ordinary, boring lights! I don't have multiple cables and things running which is so nice! I really love it and I get so many compliments!!'

Ashley G. ✅ Verified Buyer

Many of us are struggling to find ways to entertain ourselves as we are staying home more. With limited access to bars, restaurants, and clubs, we have to bring the fun home. 
Bryte™ Smart LED Bluetooth Light brings the party to you! The 4-in-1 lights feature Bluetooth connectivitypowerful speakersmood adjusting lights, and soft to bright white light.
Whether you want to have a relaxing night by yourself are create a fun atmosphere for game night, Bryte™ will elevate any room you put it in!

Why you'll love this light:

✅ Audio - The Bluetooth wireless light will allow you to connect and play music or any audio directly from your phone. 

✅ Sync - not only can you manually adjust your lights and colors, but you can also sync your lights with your music. Watch as you play your favorite song and the colorful display changing with the rhythm.

✅ Mood Enhancing - No matter what your feeling, you can adjust the lighting and color accordingly. Enjoy a full spectrum of warm white to cool white light, not to mention the multiple colors you can choose from. 

✅ Unique - Imagine your next gathering with your new light! You will be sure to impress anyone with all of the features and design. 

✅ Versatile - No matter what room you put your light in, it will be sure to enhance and bring any room to life. The easy to install wireless light safely and securely attaches to any location you put it in. 

✅ Smart - The smart remote control allows you to easily change, adjust, or enhance the light and music. 

The 36W ceiling light, suitable for 10-15 square meters, spacious rooms such as living room, bedroom, study. And the 52W ceiling light, suitable for 15-30 square meters, larger room space, such as living room, large bedroom.

 Bring your home to life with the fun and unique Bryte™ Smart LED Bluetooth Light. Whatever your mood is you will be able to embrace those feelings and create an atmosphere to do so in.
We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy being home every day of the year!