QuickStich™ Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

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QuickStich™ Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

Precio habitual $39.99
No more bulk sewing machine! Repair your clothes in minutes with our Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine! Repair effortlessly without removing your torn clothes, or without detaching your curtain!

Easy to use DIY tool for everyone even beginners! Compact & lightweight design that is perfect for travel and daily quick repair!


  • Quick Repair -Traditional machines are too bulky and takes too long to set up. Grab one of these and get them repaired in minutes! Perfect for daily repairs! Save time and effort!
  • Easy Fun DIY - Make your own handkerchiefs, aprons, gloves, cloth, very suitable for craft, patchwork or simple embroideryIdeal for kids or beginners.
  • Portable & Compact - Small and lightweight. Doesn't take much space, easy to use and carry. Ideal for travel & quick repair.
  • Wireless & Convenient - Without cords you can sew any spots effortlessly. Repair curtains or torn pockets without having to set up on a workstation. Great for on spot repairs and alterations.
  • Perfect for Any Materials - Great for silks, denim, wool, leather and crafts.Sews even jeans, hanging curtains, wall hanging etc.