Plant Wall Climbing Fixing Clips

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Plant Wall Climbing Fixing Clips

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Organize your messy houseplants as a stunning garden¬†ūüĆŅ

Plant Wall Climbing Fixing Clips¬†stably¬†hold and keep vines upright, neat¬†instead of randomly climbing wall with¬†tangles and mess. Organize the¬†branches of vines, any green plants, wires, cables,¬†etc. 5 minutes to create a green home ‚ÄstFlexible to unlatch and hold vines,¬†then stick to wall directly with¬†self-adhesive¬†function!

Let’s grab these to create a garden-like home!


  • Smart Vines Organizer
    Keep vines upright and neat instead of randomly climbing wall with tangles and mess. Organize the branches of vines, any green plants, wires, cables, etc. Also can be used for well-organized wiring.

  • Flexible to Use
    The clips are adjustable and easy to unlatch with high flexibility for most sizes of plant branches. Also made of soft ABS material, won't damage vines or walls.

  • Self-adhesive
    Comes with 3M adhesive at the back of clip. Strong adhesion provides long-lasting, stable wall mounting. Firmly stick to surfaces without falling off. Simple to install without drilling / nailing.

  • Invisble Design
    We offer 2 colors to match with your home style. White for minimalist style and green for invisible, seamless fixing.

  • Best Accessory for Interior Design
    Organize vines to ‚Äúclimb wall‚ÄĚ in¬†desired position and direction / shape. Make the plants look¬†beautiful, neat¬†after using the fixer. Decorate your home in a professional way.

  • Works on Any Surface
     Suitable for a variety of walls such as tiles, wood, marble, stainless steel, glass, concrete wall etc.