About Makenshop

My name is Makendy, Owner and CEO of Makenshop. I weight 350 Pounds and I used to work as a Correctional Officer. Imagine standing on your feet all day, running up and down, breaking fights between prisoners as a 350 pounds man.

It was hard to find shoes that fit and comfortable enough to sustain my wide feet and my weight and that would not burn my feet with pain after a long day of work. That is why I decided to built them myself for me, but when family and friends started noticing how comfortable they are, and that I was not complaining about ankles and feet pain anymore, they started buying them from me.

It became a passion when I realised how many people I was helping in my surroundings, in my community, and how many more I can help around the globe. This is how "Makenshop" came to life and became the go to for those of us wanting a wider, Supportive & Comfortable Orthopedic Arch Support Shoes.

Go ahead and grab the ones you want. I will be right here with you if you need any help.ย